What is DeHero?

DeHero is a decentralized BSC-based GameFi application created by Mix Marvel that uses the concept of “base value NFT”. It is essentially an NFT card game with DeFi features wherein you stake your NFT assets so you can buy and unbox NFT blind boxes and mine cards using various training strategies. 

In doing so, you gain DeHero’s main utility token in the game, HEROES. Players can trade cards in the market. In the future, NFT card battles and its DAO community co-governance features will be made available.

How to Earn in DeHero

The main premise of DeHero is to have players earn $HEROES tokens by staking their DeHero NFTs. 

There's no actual "gameplay" required to play and earn in DeHero. Simply stake your heroes and receive the corresponding income.

Ideally, you'd want a solid lineup of Heroes since the quality of your collection will affect how much token you'll earn along with the quality of new cards you'll get (aside from staking your cards for $HEROES token, you can also opt to obtain new cards to improve your collection).

The more (and better) cards you have, the higher quality of new cards you'll get from staking. 

How to Play DeHero

  • To play DeHero, you have to install a crypto wallet such as MetaMask or TokenPocket. 
  • You’ll need it to store the HEROES token required to purchase NFTs and play the game. You’ll also need a small amount of BNB for gas (miner fee).
  • Go to PancakeSwap and search for the HEROES token using the below address:

DeHero “HEROES” token address:


  • Once you have HEROES token, it’s time to visit the official website of the game to purchase your DeHero NFTs.
  • Make sure you're logged-in to your MetaMask or TokenPocket wallet.

How to Buy DeHero NFTs

The first thing that you have to do to play DeHero is to buy HEROES cards (assuming you already have $HEROES tokens in your Metamask or TokenPocket wallet).

These DeHero NFTs are what you will use to mine for $HEROES token or stake to get new (and better) cards.

  1. From the main screen, click the “Shop” button. 

  2. It will show you 2 types of card packs: Fortune Package and Lucky Package.

  3. The probability of drawing cards for the two card packs are as follows:

Lucky Card Pack

  • ‌Price: 8 HEROES

  • Number of cards received: 1

  • Rarity: Orange 0.2%, Purple 1%, Blue 3.8%, Green 50%, White 45%

Fortune Card Pack

  • ‌Price: 30 HEROES

  • Number of cards received: 1

  • Rarity: Golden0.03%,Orange 5.47%, Purple 46.5%, Blue 48%.

Other Ways to Obtain DeHero NFT Cards

  • Stake $HEROES token

  • Trading NFT cards with other users

How to Stake in DeHero to Get New Cards

In DeHero, you can stake your Heroes in order to get new NFT cards that feature different qualities. What you’ll get will depend on the number of your staked heroes (the more the better).

DeHero Staking Probability:

  • DeHero card quality is ranked from low to high as follows: white, green, blue, purple, orange, and gold.
  • The quality of cards you’ll get depends on the HEROES stakes amount:
  • How much income you’ll get from card mining will be determined by the ratio of the total fighting capacity of the card (similar to power levels) to the fighting capacity of the whole server.

Total combat capacity = Total fighting capacity per NFT card X (1 + proportional card collectibles bonus)

DeHero Card Combination

In this game, you can mix and match your DeHero cards to form various card combinations. Certain combinations will yield better fighting capacity which will result in better card mining.

There is also a feature called “Card Collectibles Bonus”, which is essentially a bonus awarded to your card set’s fighting capacity if it matches a specific number. You’ll receive the corresponding bonuses (number on the right side) if your cards reach a certain number (left):

  • 12 = +10%

  • 24 = 20%

  • 36 = 30%

  • 48 = 40%

  • 60 = 50%

  • 72 = 60%

  • 84 = 70%

  • 96 = 80%

  • 108 = 100%

How to Level-up Your DeHero Card Slot

The DeHero NFT cards you get will need to be placed into their corresponding card slots to earn tokens or new cards. This section is dedicated to explaining why you should consider leveling up your card slot for maximum potential gains.

DeHero card slots can be leveled-up. The higher the level the card slot, the more bonus power you'll get which in turn will yield you more $HEROES tokens or better cards from staking. 

To level up up your DeHero card slot, you have to meet the experience required on each level. Here's a table for reference:

Note that the card you used to level-up a card slot will be destroyed, and the number of $HEROES you have inside it will be released within the next 120 hours. You can view the $HEROES you get back from this on the Card tab.

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