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How to Play Devikins – A Quick Guide

What is Devikins?

Devikins is a blockchain game for mobile devices (iOS and Android). It’s an RPG-style game with some mixed gameplay elements from Tamagotchi.

How to Buy Devikins NFT (via Klever Wallet)

The following instructions are for those who have already bought DVK tokens via Klever Exchange or Klever Wallet. If you don't know how to install a Klever Wallet and buy Devikins tokens, check out this article: How to Buy DVK

Note: The following screenshots were accessed via Klever Wallet browser hours prior the actual sale of the Devikins NFT (Sept 7th).

1. Open your Klever Wallet.

2. From the main screen, click the Browser icon at the bottom. Enter "" in the address bar. Press Enter.

3. You will be redirected to the Devikins Shop page. Click the 3 horizontal lines at the upper right corner of the screen. A pop-up from the left will appear. Choose the option, "Connect Wallet".

4. You'll be redirected to a page where you need to select the blockchain account you want to use. For our purposes, select the TRX account. You should now see the Shop and Inventory options in the left side when you click the 3 lines (Menu button) on the upper right side.

5. Clicking the Shop button will lead you to the page where you can purchase the Devikins NFT. You can choose from packs of Basic (1 NFT), Team (4 NFTs), and Collectors (10 NFTs).

When can I play Devikins?

Devikins is currently under development. The Phase 1 of Devikins is scheduled to launch in December 2021.

What's Phase 1?

Phase 1 will cover Tamagotchi-inspired gameplay.

The combat gameplay for Phase 1 is scheduled to be released on Q3 2022.

Devikins Roadmap

Q1 2021

  • Pre-production
  • Market research

Q2 2021

  • Production kick-off
  • Devicoin (DVK) kick-off

Q3 2021

  • NFT pre-sale
  • NFT web viewer
  • NFT Marketplace

Q4 2021 (Devikins Phase 1)

  • Tamagotchi gameplay
  • Breeding system
  • DVK play to earn (P2E)

Q3 2022 (Devikins Phase 2)

  • Turn-based combat
  • Asynchronous PVP
  • Storyline PVE

Q2 2023 (Devikins Phase 3)

  • Turn-based combat
  • Synchronous PVP
  • New PVE modes

You can also read about other details of the game from their whitepaper which you can get here:

How much does it cost to play the game?

No DVK needed to play the game, but you will need DVK if you want to evolve your account. You need Devikins NFT characters to play the game at its fullest.

How many Devikins NFT do I need to play?

Tamagotchi gameplay requires 1 Devikins NFT, but you can play on this game mode with as many NFT you would like. For combat, current design has team composed of 4 Devikins NFT. The devs mentioned that this number can still change in the future so nothing is final yet.

What is DVK?

Devicoin (DVK) is a utility token used as the main currency of Devikins. Devicoins are a crypto currency that may be exchanged with other crypto-currencies in the real world and eventually be exchanged using fiat currency.

Where can I get DVK today?

At the moment, it is available on Klever Wallet via swap (KLV-DVK, and USDT-DVK). It is also available at Klever Exchange. Klever Exchange can be downloaded from Playstore for Android users. For iOS users, you can join the open beta here:

Where can I see the DVK price?

You can only view the DVK price at Klever Wallet and Klever Exchange at the moment.

Where can I see the DVK chart?

Only on Klever Exchange at the moment.

How to Buy DVK in 4 steps:

1. Install Klever Wallet or Klever Exchange on your phone (No pc support)

2. Fund it by transferring TRX from you preferred exchange.

3. Swap TRX to KLV, keep around 20 TRX for fees.

4. Swap KLV to DKV.

For a more detailed guide, read: How to Buy DVK

What's DVK supply? Circulating supply is: 3.6B Max supply is: 10B

Some extra DVK facts can be found here:

How much is 1 Devikin NFT?

To be determined. This will be revealed during the Devikin NFT sale scheduled on Sept 7 2021.

Is there a limited amount of Devikin NFT I can buy?

No, there’s no limit. You can buy as much Devikin NFTs as you would like.

I just found out about the game, is there any DVK coin event to look forward to still?

No, both the Private sale and Initial Mining Event are completed. You can only purchase DVK token from the Market from now on.

Can I use Meta mask for Devikins?

No, Metamask is currently not supported. You can only use Klever Wallet or Klever Exchange to get DVK tokens.

When will DVK be listed CMC and Coingecko?

As of the moment, these sites have some requirements for it to be listed, which DVK haven’t met yet (as of August 2021).

When Kucoin, Binance, Pancakeswap, or any other Exchange/Swap platform? No date yet, new listings will be announced when we get there.

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