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How to Buy DVK for Devikins

I’m a member of both the official Telegram and Discord channels for Devikins and one thing that gets repeatedly asked is “How to buy DVK?”.

In an effort to help future Devikins players, I’m creating this quick guide covering the steps on how to buy DVK for Devikins. I’ve also included a short FAQ section featuring the most oft-asked stuff in the Devikins Discord and TG channels.

What is DVK?

In Devikins, DVK (Devicoin) is used as the primary currency. Devicoins are a form of crypto currency that can be traded with other cryptocurrencies in the real world and can eventually be exchanged for traditional money.

Once the game is launched, you can acquire DVK through the following methods:

  • Playing Devikins and fulfilling in-game missions

  • Earning in the Weekly League competition

  • Earning by completing Scavenger Missions

  • Exchanging them in Crypto Exchanges

  • Selling Devikins NFT in the marketplace

  • Staking them with initial 16% APR

When will Devikins NFTs be released?

The initial release date is September 7th 2021, 3PM UTC (11PM in Manila).

Where can I buy Devikins NFT?

Visit and there will be a dedicated web shop on the website. You will have to link a Tron wallet using a browser extension so you can purchase using your DVK tokens. 

Alternatively, if you have a Klever wallet, you can use its built-in browser and launch It will automatically link your Klever wallet into the Devikins website.

What do I need to purchase Devikins NFTs?

You need to have DVK tokens to buy Devikins NFTs. As of the moment, DVK is only available via Klever Exchange and Klever Wallet. It’s not available via Metamask, Pancakeswap, or Binance (and other similar platforms).

Steps on How to Buy DVK Tokens for Devikins

  1. Install Klever Exchange or Klever Wallet on your Android mobile device. For iOS users, get it from the App Store. Here’s a YT guide for installing Klever and creating an account.

Klever Wallet Tutorial - How To Create A Klever Wallet Account | Send And Receive Cryptos (Tron)

  1. You need to fund your Klever Exchange or Klever Wallet with TRX. You do this by transferring funds from platforms like Binance, CoinBase, Gate.IO, and others. Check out the video below (skip to time stamp 1:35) for a guide on how to deposit cryptocurrency into your Klever wallet.

How to DEPOSIT or WITHDRAW on Klever App | Tron Wallet Tutorial

3. Once you have TRX funds in your Klever wallet, it’s time to swap it to KLV. 

4. In the Klever Wallet app, click the Swap button at the bottom. In the Swap section, search for TRX and KLV (see image above). This action will let you swap a specific number of TRX tokens you want to change to DVK.  Click the 100% option if you want to change all of it to DVK. Convert it to 100% only if you will be transferring TRX balance later for your gas fees. Otherwise, leave at least 20 TRX for gas fees. You’ll need it when purchasing Devikins NFTs.

5. Once the swap is complete, you should now be able to see the DVK token balance in your wallet.

Is there a limit on how many Devikins I can buy?

No, you can buy as many as you want. There is no whitelisting needed too. Simply connect your wallet via the methods mentioned above and buy using the steps shown. You can buy Devikins NFT in packs of 1, 4, or 10. You pay gas fees per pack you buy.

You won’t need a “Devikins account” to buy NFTs or play the game. You just connect your TRX wallet or Klever Wallet (launch the built-in browser then connect to the Devikins website). From there you can start buying Devikins.  

If you bought DVK from Klever Exchange, make sure to send it to your Klever Wallet (or TRX wallet that’s not from a CEX) first because you can’t purchase Devikins NFTs from Klever Exchange.

How much is the price of a Devikins NFT? 

As quoted in the Devikins TG channel: 

“It depends on the circulating supply. The more NFTs, the more expensive they are. The starting price is 3 USD in DVK. So, if DVK is $0.01, NFT at start price is 300 DVK, if DVK is $0.015, NFT at start price is 200 DVK. So, if DVK is $1, I will pay only 3 DVK at the start price.”

At what stage does the NFT come? 

Embryo. In the game, a Devikin goes through three stages of development. Embryo, Toddler, and Adult.

Do I know all my NFT attributes and genes if my NFT is in the Embryo Stage? 

Yes, the web viewer always shows the NFT on the Adult stage with information on gene rarity, affinity values, personality, and base attributes even though it is at the Embryo Stage.

Devikins Soft Mint and Hard Mint Explained 

Devikin minting begins with Soft Mint. In this step, Devikin is still stored in the game server and linked to the owner's wallet, but it has not yet been added to Tron's blockchain. Therefore, no gas fees are charged at this point. 

When a Soft Mint is created, NFTs can't be transferred to another wallet, they can't be sold on the market, nor can they be imported by third party platforms.

Minting an NFT on the Tron blockchain is called Hard Minting.

An NFT that has been hard minted is transferable between Tron wallets and can be sold on the Tron marketplace, but has a gas fee associated with it. 

Soft Mint can be considered as a prerequisite of Hard Mint. To get hard mint your Devikins NFT, you first must have it go through the Soft Mint stage. All NFT start in the Soft Mint stage. You can then pick a Soft Mint and lock it into a Hard Mint status by paying a fee.

Can I buy hard minted NFTs?

Not directly from the Devikins shop. You can buy hard-minted NFTs in the marketplace. 

What's the difference between the Shop and Marketplace?

Shop is where you can buy randomly generated (you can’t determine its rarity or visuals before buying it) NFTs in Soft Mint state. 

The Marketplace is where you can buy Hard Minted NFTs from other players. It is a P2P market. Since it's hard-minted already, you can see its rarity and visuals before buying it.

What can I do with my soft-minted Devikins NFT?

You can do 4 things with your soft-minted Devikins NFTs:

  • View their attributes in the webviewer

  • Share the web viewer link with friends and social media 

  • Burn 4 soft minted NFTs to cycle for another randomly generated soft minted NFT 

  • Pay a fee to turn it into a hard minted NFT

What can I do with my hard-minted Devikins NFT?

You can do 5 things with your hard-minted Devikins NFTs:

  • Check their attributes in the webviewer

  • Share the web viewer link with friends and social media

  • Transfer it to another TRX wallet 

  • Post it for sale in the marketplace (when the marketplace goes live) 

  • Use it in the game (when the game gets released)

How do I turn my Devikins Soft Mint into Hard Mint?

There is a web inventory section inside the devikins website. After connecting your wallet,  all soft and hard minted NFTs you own will be displayed. You can then view your options here for morphing your Devkins NFTs from Soft to Hard Mint.

I heard I need 18 NFTs to fully promote a single Devikin, what does that mean? 

Promotions apply to adult Devikins. Once in the Adult Phase, Devikins are immediately promoted to level 1. They can continue leveling all the way to a maximum of 10, and after they reach level 10, you can burn 1 NFT to promote it, making the maximum level 20. This follows until promotion level 10, where the max level is 100. Burn progression between promotions is, 1, 1, 1, 2, 2, 2, 3, 3, 3 - thus 18 NFTs.

Does the burned NFT have any requirement? 

Yes, you can only burn hard minted Adult NFTs to promote another Devikin.

Can an NFT change its attributes after Soft Mint? 

No. Genes, Affinities, and Personality cannot be changed. Only the Life Stage can be changed inside the Devikins game.

Can I pick which rarity I want to buy in the Shop? 

No, you can’t. It is randomly generated.

Can I procreate when NFTs release?

No, you need the Devikins game to be launched first before you can procreate.

When I burn 4 NFTs to cycle a new one, is it guaranteed to get a better one? 

No, it is possible to get a better one but it is not guaranteed.

After I Hard Mint an NFT, can I turn it into Soft Mint again? 

No, changing from Soft to Hard Mint is an irreversible process. Once you hard-mint your NFT, you can’t change it back to soft-mint.

Can I send my Devikin Hard Mint NFTs to Metamask? 

No, you cannot. Devikin NFT is a TRC721 token.

Where will the DVK I use to buy NFT go? 

To the Devikins team.

Can I see my NFTs inside the Klever Wallet? 

At this moment, you can see them using the Klever Browser (Inside Klever Wallet) or any other dapp browser in the web inventory.

In the web inventory can I see both Soft and Hard Mint NFTs linked to my wallet? 

Yes, the game’s web inventory will showcase both your soft and hard mint collection.

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