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How to Play Cryptomines – Beginner Tips and Guides

Cryptomines - How to Play

CryptoMine is a space science-fiction inspired NFT game in the Binance Smart Chain. Players buy spaceships and workers using the game’s native coin, $ETERNAL, which you then use as a crew to travel through the universe where they can mine $ETERNAL tokens that you can earn.

In this guide, I’ll share with you how to get started with Cryptomines so you can start earning $ETERNAL tokens.

What is Cryptomines?

Cryptomines is an Play to Earn NFT game where the goal is to mine the native token $ETERNAL using spaceships and workers.

The NFT in-game assets you acquire in the game are minted in the ERC-721 standard which you can trade in the game’s built-in marketplace or sell to another player via P2P.

The game is deployed in BSC and can be played through the use of web3 wallets like Metamask, which you will use to pay for transactions or purchase tokens, and receive compensation.

As you progress, you increase and acquire more Mining Power. MP is determined by the number of crew you’ve already created and hired into the system, so having more mining power means more options for hiring new miners, easier difficulty levels, and bigger payouts at the most challenging planets.

To hire your workers, you’ll first need spaceships to take them to their desired adventures. These spaceships will then be used to hire additional staff members, which will bring in even more mining power for you to use. If you have a Rarity 1 spaceship, then you will only be allowed to hire one worker; however, if you have an Rarity 5 spaceship, you’ll be able to hire five workers. Every miner has a certain level of mining strength which depends on its rarity. You need to mine enough rare minerals for them to become available.

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What is the current price of cryptomines token (ETERNAL)?

As with any other NFT game currency, prices change daily. You can check out the latest Cryptomines $ETERNAL token at CoinMarket Cap or CoinGecko.

It’s important to note that $ETERNAL token price is based on an Oracle system (which some other NFT games implement too) and aims to balance payouts as well as corresponding minting costs.

For example, when $ETERNAL payouts gets reduced, the Oracle will compensate by making spaceship and worker minting cost less.

This dynamic system determines the price of the cryptomine token so that the economy will be balanced around a set dollar value. Since there’s only a limited amount of $ETERNAL token in circulation, a huge surge of new players could result to a quick depletion of tokens, leaving nothing in the pool to earn (I’m looking at you, Cryptoblades).

How to start earning in Cryptomines

Assuming you already have your web3 wallet set up (Metamask), the first thing you need to do is build your fleet. Your fleet is essentially your “mining crew” that will travel to different planets so they can mine $ETERNAL tokens.

Note that the rarity (R) of your workers determines your Mine Power, and this in turn defines which planets you can mine. The higher the level (rarity), the better.

For example, say you have two, rarity 2 (R2) workers and a rarity 2 spaceship (R2), you’ll be allowed to visit a level 2 planet with 200 mining power. Your workers can mine at their max capacity every 24 hours. At 00:00 UTC, all fleets can start a new expedition.

What you’ll need to get started:

    • A web3 wallet installed (MetaMask)
    • $BNB for GAS Fees on the BSC Network
    • $ETERNAL tokens for buying spaceships and workers (which you can purchase in Pancake Swap)

Here’s a quick rundown of steps to play Cryptomines:

1. Set up your MetaMask wallet (if you haven’t already).

2. Visit the official Cryptomines website. Your MetaMask account will automatically log you in.

3. Mint Spaceships and Workers

4. Contracts are needed so your workers can mine. You’ll need to pay for it using $ETERNAL token.

5. Start mining $ETERNAL token

10 Tips for Cryptomines Beginners

1. Only invest what you can afford to lose.

2. Try to get workers with at least above 75 mining power rating.

3. Try to get a spaceship with a rating of at least 2 stars, preferably 3 if you can.

4. In the long run, your goal is to create a crew with at least 1500 mining power, as every extra 100 MP over that 1500 increases your success rate.

5. Mind the fees for contracts and gas. Always take these into consideration as they are non-negotiable expenses in the game that ultimately affect how much you can actually earn. Keep this in mind when building your crew.

6. Consider buying from the marketplace instead of minting because it allows you to choose the level of workers you’ll get (unlike in minting).

Here’s the percentage rate for rarity of workers when you choose to mint:

Rarity Drop Chance Min Mining Power Max Mining Power
5 star 1% 200 255
4 star 5% 150 200
3 star 15% 100 150
2 star 35% 50 100
1 star 44% 15 50

Based on the table, you’ll likely end up getting a 1-star or 2-star worker from minting. But as we’ve mentioned above, it’s advisable to get a worker with at least 75 mining power because a certain amount of MP is needed before you can mine a planet. And the rarer (higher level) the planet is, the more MP is required. So having a decent MP-rated worker to start with helps you avoid having dead weight (unusable) workers in the long run.

7. Try to keep the number of your workers and ships low as they eat up contract fees, which can be detrimental to your overall payouts. Most experienced players argue that having higher level workers and ships, even at lower numbers, is more cost-effective than having a bunch of low-level crews (ships and workers) in the long run.

For example:

R2 ship with 5 workers (80 MP) vs R2 ship with 2 workers (200 MP)

Some would say that the first group will get your ROI faster, albeit with more contract fees.

Group 2 will yield your ROI longer, but has the potential to become a more powerful team, which is more cost-effective in the long run.

Ultimately, building a fleet depends on your goals and current budget. The most important thing is to make sure you understand these considerations at the start so you can avoid spending money on the wrong strategy.

8. There’s a very useful spreadsheet for helping you make smarter estimates when playing the game:

9. For worker prices, you can check here:

10. For newcomers looking to create their teams, here’s a handy spreadsheet showing different types of builds for different budgets. It was made by this guy (don’t know him but a sub would be great to help him out)

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Fleet System

A fleet is the new work unit in Cryptomines. Now instead of having each ship be manned by workers, they’re grouped into fleets.

  • Fleet ranks increase when it’s made up of high-level ships. In order to visit and mine planets that are far away, you’ll need to have a high ranking fleet. If your fleet is composed of all 5-star ships, for example, it can visit planets that are very far away (and highly profitable) which a fleet made up of level 4 ships can’t. Put simply, your goal is to build a high-level fleet composed of high-level ships.

  • You’ll need fuel to go on mining expeditions. Naturally, the farther away the planet is, the more fuel you’ll need. Fuel is paid in ETL.
  • In general, the cost of fuel you’ll pay is around 5% of the payout you’ll get from mining a particular planet.
  • You have the ability to add workers and ships to your existing fleet anytime you want for a corresponding fee. However, you’ll have to “dismantle” the fleet first before you can add new units.
  • As fleets go on expeditions, they get experience. And the more experience they get, the higher they get up in the experience tier. A high experience tier unlocks specific multiplier bonuses for mining. There are currently 25 levels that are grouped into 6 tiers.

Official Cryptomines Whitepaper:

I hope this Cryptomines quick guide has been useful to you. If you have any questions or suggestions that you’d like to share, please use the comment section below. Thanks and good luck!

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