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How to Earn in Mir4

MIR4 is an Asian fantasy MMORPG that is free-to-play and can be played on both PC and mobile devices (iOS and Android). But what makes it different from traditional MMORPG games is its play-to-earn feature, similar to popular NFT games like Axie Infinity, Splinterlands, and Crypto Blades.

In this article, we’ll show you the steps and everything you need to know to earn real-world money in Mir 4.

Earn Money in Mir 4 by Mining Darksteel

Darksteel is an essential in-game resource of MIR4 that can be smelted (transformed) into DRACO, the game's utility token. Once you have DRACO, you can convert it into different cryptocurrencies that you can exchange into real-world cash.

You obtain Darksteel by having your character go to a certain area in the map and literally mine patches of ore with a pick-axe. You can harvest a certain amount of Darksteel for a specific amount of time.

Now, you can’t exchange Dark Steel yet into actual earnings in the real world. You have to convert it first to DRACO, which is the main utility token in Mir 4.

What is DRACO?

Draco is the utility token of MIR4. It's what you ultimately "earn" and convert to real-world money from using the game's play-to-earn feature. You can use DRACO to buy in-game assets (items, weapons, etc.,). You can also withdraw DRACO and use it to trade or buy in other platforms outside of the game (similar to utility tokens of other NFT games). 

How to get DRACO?

As mentioned earlier, you first need to obtain Darksteel through mining certain spots in the game. Once you have enough, you can then convert it to DRACO via the Smelt section.

How much Darksteel will you need to get 1 DRACO?

It depends on the exchange rate of Darksteel per DRACO. It's referred to as "DERBY" or Daily Exchange Rate By Yield. The DERBY will be computed by adding 100,000 Darksteel plus the Yield. Here's the formula for Derby in MIR4:

Note: You can view the day's DERBY and DRACO price by going to this page.

Steps for getting Darksteel in MIR4

1. After installing the game, you need to level up your character first to level 40. This is the minimum level required to mine Darksteel in MIR4. The higher the level, the better. This is because there are certain Darksteel mining spots in the game that can only be accessed at specific levels.

2. Do quests and missions. You can quickly obtain a few thousand Darksteel by completing quests and missions. They are given as rewards. 

3. Go to Bicheon Valley. This area in the game is considered as one of the most popular spots for mining Darksteel. If you try to access this when you're character is below level 20, you won't see this option. 

4. Launch the Global Map by clicking the "Town" button at the upper right of your main screen (when in-game). Next, select the Bicheon Area. It should be in the lower right corner. After clicking Bicheon Valley, select your desired floor (it's broken down into 4 levels, 1F, 2F, 3F and 4F). 

5. Select "Gathering Grounds and Quarry" on the right side. Then, select "Dark Steel Mining Site". The area where you can mine Darksteel will then show up in the map. 

6. Once you're in the level you chose, you can then start looking for Darksteel mining spots. Simply click on the yellow pickaxe icon on top of the mining patch to start mining.

Mir 4 Darksteel Mining Tips

1. When you can, go to the 4F levels of mining areas. This is where you can get the highest amount of Darksteel.

2. Customize your Combat Settings. In MIR4, you can leave your character in auto-mining mode so you can go AFK and still earn as much Darksteel as you can. However, there's a good chance that other players will attack you while mining so they can steal your spot. It sucks, but it's allowed in the game (at least right now). Here are some tips if you want to maximize your mining time in MIR4 while in AFK or auto-mode.

  • Set "Attack Back when Hit" to OFF. Other players will either attack you or lure monsters to attack you in order to steal your mining spot. If you're on AFK and this setting is turned ON, your character will fight back when monsters attack you, thus making it possible for other players to steal your Darksteel patch. So, best to turn this off if you want to go in auto-mining mode.
  • Set "Auto-return when Resurrected" to ON. So that when your character dies, it will automatically resurrect back to the same spot. Reduces time to get back to mining.
  • Set "Auto-use HP potions" to 100%. This will help your character avoid death when you're AFK and you have other players or monsters attacking you.
  • If other players are being super A-holes, consider changing mining spots. Sometimes it might not be worth it holding a mining area if other players are being a pain-the-ass and won't stop trolling. 
  • Orange mining patches provide the highest amount of Darksteel.

How to Cash Out DRACO to GCash or Coins.PH

After mining Darksteel and converting it to DRACO, the next step is to withdraw it out of your WeMix wallet so you can send it to your local e-wallets like GCash or Coins. Here's a brief overview of the steps.

1. The short version looks like this: WeMix wallet -> Gate.IO -> Binance -> GCash or Coins.PH

2. Note that you'll have to meet the minimum amount of DRACO balance before you can withdraw it out of your WeMix wallet. 

3. In your WeMix wallet, select DEX (you should see it below your DRACO token after selecting DRACO).

4. It will redirect to the trading page for DRACO which looks like your typical exchange page in other crypto wallets. Click the "Sell" tab. Set the amount of DRACO you want to sell. Once done, click the "Sell" button at the bottom. Make sure to select the Order price on the left side and confirm the amounts before hitting Sell.

5. Once done, your DRACO tokens will be converted to WeMix credits. 

6. The next step is to convert your WeMix credits to WeMix token. The exchange rate between WeMix Credits and WeMix token is 1:1. 

7. In your WeMix wallet, select "WeMix Credit". On the next page, click Exchange to WeMix. 

8. Enter the amount of WeMix credit you want to cash out or simply click "Max" to automatically input all your WeMix credits. Click Next.

9. You'll be asked to enter your password. Once done, it will show a progress screen saying "Exchange in Progress". Once done, you will see on the main page of your wallet that you now have WeMix token balance (earlier the balance was on WeMix credits before the swap).

Depositing WeMix Tokens to Gate.IO

10. The next step is to send your withdraw your WeMix token outside of your WeMix wallet. In this case, we will send it to your Gate.IO wallet.

11. To do this, click the WeMix token in your wallet. On the next screen, choose "Send Token".

12. Open your Gate.IO account and go to Wallet. Select the Deposit option. 

13. In the Coin selection, click the dropdown arrow then type WeMix to look for the WeMix coin.

14. Click the "Copy" button below the QR code. Go back to your WeMix wallet then click "Paste". Your Gate.IO deposit code will automatically appear above the "Search ID" box. Double check the ID to make sure it matches what you have in your Gate.IO wallet.

15. Click Next. Hit "Max" to transfer 100%. Click "Transfer". It will ask you to re-enter your password again. Click OK once done.

16. Your token should now be in your Gate.IO wallet after a few seconds/minutes.

17. After reaching this part, you can now convert your WeMix tokens to USDT. In Gate.IO, go to the "Trade" page then search for the WeMix/USDT pair in the upper left corner. You will basically sell your WeMix so you can gain USDT currency.

18. Once it's converted to USDT, you now have two options for withdrawing your MIR4 earnings:

  • If you want to cash out via GCash, send your USDT balance in Gate.IO to your Binance wallet. From there you'll have the option to transfer your balance to GCash. Search YT for guides on how to do this if you don't know how to do it yet.
  • If you want to cash out via Coins.PH, convert your USDT balance to XRP in the Gate.IO trade screen. Once converted to XRP, you can then open your Coins.PH app to get your XRP deposit address. After copying your Coins.PH XRP address, go back to Gate.IO then click Withdraw. Search for XRP in the Coin Code then paste the code in the XRP Address box. Make sure to enter the Destination Tag as well. Note that the minimum amount of XRP you can transfer is 26.6 XRP so make sure you will reach that amount equivalent in WeMix tokens.

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