Hello, Job, Goodbye. 

Eight months. Eight long months. It's been that long since I last posted on this blog. I'm tempted to say, "Busy sa client work e, walang time magsulat para sa sariling blog". But I would be lying. Truth is, I have plenty of time to work on personal projects. But I never did. Tamad din e. Porket walang bayad hindi na gagawin. Hehe. Pero tapos na yon, wala na ko magagawa about it. So on with this piece na lang.

So what the heck has been going on in the last couple of months since my last post? 

  • Still writing for Grit.PH 
  • Dropped a potential project with a few clients due to my lack of interest on the topic 
  • Worked on a great-paying writing  gig for 2 months but ended up getting dropped because I can't keep up with the schedule 
  • Paid for an online SEO course geared towards website owners 
  • Launched a new site but ended up not hitting my targets. Currently thinking of dropping it
  • Tried to hire a writer for this site but it didn't work out (I'm still not 100% certain on the content strategy of HBP)
  • Paid for an online course about email copywriting 
  • Offered my email copywriting services for free right after (for experience)  
  • Still a full time yaya to my two boys and only work a couple of hours a day  
  • Currently thinking of starting a new niche site that will be used for lead gen 
  • Did a quick writing project for an old client (like 5+ years since we last worked together. He sent me an email last December with the offer. I replied 10 days later. I really have some serious procrastination issues) 
  • Tired and jaded of working on coffee shops (bat kasi walang coworking space na malapit sakin na bukas ng 8am)
  • The rest of the day revolves around playing with my 2 boys until mommy comes home

Here's an honest piece of advice to anyone who wants to try working from home:

Mahirap din pala.

The commitment to work, lone wolf-style is starting to take its toll on me. 

Nakaka miss din ang routine and having friends to talk with. 

Nakaka miss din kumain ng madami kasabay and uminom ng impromptu after work pa minsan minsan. 

Nakaka miss din yung papasok ka lang tapos titignan mo kung ano task meron for the day. Kumbaga sasabihin lang sayo kung ano dapat gawin. Wala nang isip isip. Being a full time freelance writer, in my experience, requires that I plan each day for maximum productivity. Ano ba yung most important task for the day, ano dapat unahin, pano si simulan, pano hihimayin, pano research, etc., 

Proof that while it sounds easy being your own boss, mahirap din kasi ikaw lahat dapat magasikaso. 

I received a pm via Messenger yesterday from someone who read my Grit.PH article about freelancing. She said she was new to the world of freelancing and had a question (was hoping to get some advice) about BIR stuff. I assumed she was relatively young, maybe a few years out of college. 

Truth be told, I wouldn't recommend working full-time from home to anyone fresh off college. 

Parang sayang kasi yung experience to learn and interact with other people while you're still young. Mga moments that are best experienced with friends and colleagues. 

I'd advise trying out as many jobs as you can especially those that truly interest you. When you're older, you'll have a wider set of skills and talents, along with the experience and first-hand knowledge from doing all sorts of jobs. You'll never know which ones will prove to be useful later in your life, so learn as much as you can. 

But before I start to sound like a boring tito (which I am) spewing out life advice, lets get back to the gist of this piece:

Kumusta ang buhay homebased? 

For lack of a better word, my answer is: "Swabe lang." 

Swabe lang kasi hindi naman perpekto (IMHO walang ganong trabaho) at di din naman hassle. 

Hindi din ganun kadali as anyone working the regular 9-5 shift usually thinks. 

Madaming pros and cons. Bawat set up naman meron. May mga araw na nakakasawa din, may mga araw na thankful ka talaga (e.g napanood mo sa TV yung nakakaiyak na traffic sa edsa or pila sa MRT, baha, pag nakaka attend ng events ng anak mo sa school, mga ganon).

...but.. I'll still (always) choose it over my previous job, where I worked the graveyard shift for almost 7 years.

And here’s why:

Yung feeling na gusto mo yung ginagawa mo is the biggest perk for me.

When you're doing something you love, it makes everything a bit easier. Not to mention, the chance to earn more is always there pag freelance. Pag gusto ko rumatrat ng pera I take as many clients as I can then hustle like a madman. You can’t do that when you’re a regular employee. Itodo mo man or pumetiks, pareho pa din sasahurin mo.

And then of course, yung added benefit ng work from home ka. 

Nasa bahay ka lang, laging anjan for the fam, and you manage your own time, get paid more (with less working hours) - - swabe din talaga. 

Sa trapik (lalo na ngayon), hirap makasakay, layo ng biyahe, etc., talo ka na lalo na kung tipong 6 na oras ng araw mo napupunta sa biyahe. Malapit lang naman office ko non pero I know a lot of regular employee folks reading this knows what I mean. I have a friend working in Makati and he has to wake in the wee hours of the morning just not to be late at work. And do that on a daily basis, 5 times a week, would be unimaginable for me. 

Gastos pa sa pamasahe at baon. At syempre, yung sobrang pagod ng mala-Ang Probinsyanong eksena sa commute araw araw. Wala ka pa sa opisina amoy kahapon ka na. 


...sa totoo lang, mamimiss mo din talaga yung structure ng regular employee job. 

Kasi sa home-based na trabaho, wala kang:

  • Ka-chisimisan pag nababagot ka na  
  • Proteksyon sa mga biglaang lakad/responsibilidad (since wala naman talaga ako sched, mahirap pumalag sa mga biglaang tasks (errands, tasks, chores, etc.,) unless may deadline talaga ko.  
  • Health card. Nakaka-miss din ang may health card lalo na pag inaabot ko na yung check-up/hospital fee sa cashier
  • Yung "feels" ng may ka team and prens sa opis 
  • Nakaka-miss din pala minsan yung fixed structure ng regular work, yung tipong papasok ka lang tas magtratrabaho. Sa home based kasi (applies sa mga hindi required magwork ng certain hours), lagi ako nag tatancha ng oras, nagiisip ng pinaka magandang gawin to maximize the few working hours of my day, kumbaga, kailangan mo talaga pagisipan ang gagawin mo. Sa opis pasok lang ako e.  
  • Nakakaumay din magtrabaho halos araw araw sa coffee shop. Magastos pa at nakaka dyabetis.  
  • Sobrang nakaka bato din talaga minsan. 

Maybe I'm just nitpicking. Pwede ako hiritan ng iba ng, "Arte mo tol kesa naman yung matrapik ka at mapagod buong araw".

Tsong, alam ko. I'm just saying walang perpektong setup. Kesyo home-based or regular employee job, may kanya kanyang pros and cons. Gusto ko lang siguro bigyan ng idea yung mga nagbabalak mag full time tulad ng set up ko. At least matatancha nila mga sarili nila at makapag handa sa papasukin nila. Hindi maliit na bagay ang mag resign at i-give up ang security ng regular paycheck (lalo na kung may pamilya ka). 

Dapat pagisipang mabuti bago sumabak sa work-from-home na setup. Expect na mahirapan makahanap ng gig sa simula, pwede umabot ng buwan bago ka magka steady ng trabaho. Kaya nga I always tell those who ask me, "Pre gusto ko din ganyan, mag quiquit na ko" na subukan muna on the side. Get part time gigs muna, alamin ang forte. Gawa ng maayos na profile, alamin ang best practices. Para mas may laban pag full time na talaga. Of course pwedeng pwede ka magquit agad ng day job and start na lang agad, buhay mo naman yan e. Just know that you’ll be more pressured to look for jobs and anxious to make it work ASAP pag wala kang game plan. 

Working from home is awesome. But it comes with a few disadvantages din. Knowing what your getting yourself into is important so you can set the right expectations. 

As for me? I don't see myself getting back to a regular employee job anytime soon. Because even though there are times na namimiss ko mga perks ng employee life, the benefits of working from home still outweigh them. But that's just me.

Remember, life zigs and zags. Just enjoy the ride and make the most out of each day. And whatever path you choose, always stay true to yourself and stick with what makes you happy.

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